LFI Meeting Weekend is CANCELLED

All the events of LFI Meeting Weekend 2020 are CANCELLED due to the actual public health conditions and respecting Government disposals.

We invite you to keep in contact with us following Leather Friends Italia on Instagram, Facebook and Telegram.

Hoping to meet you very soon,

our bests,

LFI Board

LFI – Meeting Weekend 2020 Statement, Oct. 11 2020

Dear Members and Friends,

As the Board of Leather Friends Italy, we have always been committed to creating the best opportunities for all Leathermen and Fetishmen to meet and fun.

Since the end of the lockdown, we have already organized three moments of celebration, always in compliance with all the regulations and common-sense rules, which have made our first two Fetish Social of Padua and Milan and the Fetish Party of Verona safe events.

The next event, scheduled in Milan from October 30th to November 1st has kept us busy for months: aperitifs, parties and brunches that we have been carefully organizing to guarantee you the best fetish and social experience the beautiful city of Milan can offer you.

In recent days the COVID situation is changing, as we all read in the various news: throughout Europe, the number of daily infections is increasing significantly. And in the last few days also in Italy, Lombardy and Milan.

The situation at the end of this month is not yet defined, even at the regulatory level. We are waiting for the new government update regarding COVID rules coming in next week which will most likely contain new indications about the possibilities of holding events and the opening of entertainment premises.

In this uncertain situation, we want to make the commitment to the safety of all members, friends and our communities known. That’s why we are monitoring the situation closely and we will communicate to everyone, as soon as there will be clear indications, how LFI Meeting Weekend 2020 will be held.

We invite you to consult our channels and, if you have already registered for the event, also your e-mail in the coming days.

With the hope of meeting us as soon as possible, 
we greet you warmly,
LFI Board

Statement of the board regarding the Mr Rubber Italia 2020

Statement of the board regarding the Mr Rubber Italia 2020 event in the light of the Italian government anti-COVID-19 published March 4th, 2020

Milan, March 5th 2020

Dear members and friends,

These latest weeks have been for us Italian an unexpected and uneasy period: the spread of the COVID-19 in our country with such dimension has unexpectedly and in some way profoundly changed our everyday life.


The directives enacted by the Italian government from the end of February 2020, with the goals of containing the proliferation and spreading of the COVID-19 especially in the regions of Lombardy and Veneto, had us on alert for our next event, the Mr Rubber Italia 2020 election weekend of March 27th, 28th, 29th in Milan, without providing enough elements to be fully able to take an informed decision regarding the event.


Yesterday evening (March 4th), the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic, issued a decree with new dispositions for the entire national territory and with the aim of reducing the probability and opportunity for the virus to further spread. Such dispositions are effective immediately and will last until April 3rd included.

Article 1 letter b) of the decree suspends “[…] all events […] of any nature, […] that will take place in any place, public or private, which involving crowding of people that do not allow compliance with the interpersonal safety distance of at least one meter […]”.


The board of Leather Friends Italia in common agreement with the board of Leather Club Roma, co-organizer of the Mr Rubber Italia title, communicate the cancellation of the weekend that should have taken place in Milan in the days of the 27th, 28th and 29th of March 2020 and moves the election of the Mr Rubber Italia 2020 at a later date to be defined following the evolution of the situation in the next weeks.


The board believe appropriate to thank the candidates, members, friends, partners, and sponsors and in particular:


the clubs Depot, Company and Hot Dog, and the bar NoLo.So in Milan to which we are close in these difficult weeks,


our sponsors Latexskin, Meo, Maskulo, René Zuiderveld, Darklands, Libidex who have all kindly offered prizes for the winner and first runner-up.


Thank you all,

The board of Leather Friends Italia


LFI SEASON 2018/19

Season 2018/19 by LFI

Season 2018/19 by LFI

Un’altra stagione ricca di appuntamenti in arrivo!
Ecco le date per la stagione 2018/19!
Click qui per scoprire tutti gli appuntamenti.

Another Season with many parties and events!
Click here to enjoy.


Fetish Help Line


Sei attratto dal mondo Fetish, Kinky, BDSM? Vorresti sperimentare una delle tante pratiche che ne fanno parte, ma non ne hai mai avuto il coraggio?
Da oggi esiste Fetish Help Line, promossa dal rubberman Leftarm e sostenuta anche da LFI per aiutarti a fare il primo passo. Cos’è la comunità? Com’è strutturata? Come sono organizzate le serate? Quali sono i principali eventi?…
Queste sono alcune delle domande per le quali potrai ricevere risposta per fornirti le basi e aiutarti a farti nuovi amici e a compiere il primo passo verso la sperimentazione di una sessualità alternativa in modo sano, sicuro e consensuale.

Scriviendo su Telegram, anche in modo anonimo, all’account FHL_leftarm

Stagione 2017/2018

Online le date della stagione 2017/18 di LFI!
Prossima tappa: LFI BOOTS HOOKUP a Padova! Un intero weekend stivalato per sfoggiare il pezzo forte dei nostri guardaroba 🙂
Click qui per tutte le informazioni.

New season 2017/18 by LFI

New season 2017/18 by LFI

Mister Rubber e Mister Leather Italia 2018

Ebbene sì, riprendiamo da dove ci eravamo interrotti e rilanciamo con un’imperdibile offerta “due per uno!

Dopo che l’elezione di Mister Rubber (a Febbraio) è stata interrotta da un controllo  nel locale che ospitava l’evento, Leather Club Roma e Leather Friends Italia hanno deciso di svolgere entrambe le elezioni nell’ultimo weekend di aprile.

Dunque: due elezioni, due party, un brunch e una cena. Insomma, un weekend imperdibile!

Venerdì 27 aprile 2018 eleggeremo Mister Rubber 2018, al Coming Out, punto di ritrovo della comunità gay romana e nazionale, per poi festeggiare al Censured.

Il weekend proseguirà poi sabato 28 aprile con la Social Dinner, il party principale e l’elezione di Mister Leather Italia 2018 per terminare infine la domenica con il classico Farewell Brunch.



E’ possibile candidarsi a Mister Leather Italia inviando una mail a info@lcroma.com oppure a marco.l@lfitalia.it entro il 22 Aprile.

La mail dovrà contenere una foto del candidato ed una breve biografia / descrizione che verrà pubblicata sui media (sito web, social media) dei club organizzatori
Qui trovate il regolamento del concorso.

Il vincitore riceverà in premio un voucher di € 250 offerto da Rob Amsterdam, un voucher di € 200 messo in palio dai club organizzatori e un ulteriore voucher di € 200 messo in palio da CRACS Chicago.



VENERDI 27 aprile 2018

Elezione di Mister Rubber Italia 2018
dalle 22.30 alle 24.00
Coming Out, Via di San Giovanni in Laterano 8
Free Entry
Welcome Party
dalle 24 alle 04
Censured, Via dei Quattro Cantoni 5
Dresscode non obbligatorio ma gradito Leather, Rubber, Fetish, Harness
€ 5,00 

SABATO 28 aprile 2018

dalle 20.00 alle 22.30
Mercato 8 – Via Orvieto 8 Roma
AL COMPLETO (è possibile inviare una mail a info@lcroma.com per essere messi in lista d’attesa)
Main Party ed Elezione Mister Leather Italia 2018
dalle 23 alle 04
SKYLINE CLUB – Via Pontremoli 26
Dresscode Leather, Rubber, Fetish, Harness, Jeans & Boots
€ 15,00 (2 drink inclusi per i soci LCR)

DOMENICA 29 aprile 2018

dalle 12.30 alle 14.30
Coming Out, Via di San Giovanni in Laterano 8
AL COMPLETO (è possibile inviare una mail a info@lcroma.com per essere messi in lista d’attesa)