Mr. Leather Italia 2017 – EN

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The Mr. Leather Italia 2017 weekend, organized by Leather Friends Italia and Leather Club Roma, will take place in Padova from the 29th of April to May the 1st!

Neri, Mr. Leather Italia, will pass the sash to the new Mister!

Fetish parties and the possibility to discovery the Venice area.

For the first time the election will take place in a Medieval Castle!

The towers and the castle rooms will be the perfect scene for the kinky and fetish party!


Tickets for all the weekend events (pizza, shuttle bus, Gala Dinner, Winner Party and Farewell lunch) must be booked in advance.

Booking is confirmed only after having paid 15€ via PayPal or Credit Card. The deposit is not refundable. Check-in points for tickets pick-up will be available during the weekend. Total amount of your tickets, minus the deposit, must be paid in cash on pick-up.

There’s no need to book the tickets for Saturday night Fetish Party c/o Flexo Club: tickets can be bought at the club entrance.

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Versione italiana

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18,00-20,00 Welcome desk – tickets point c/o Touch Café, via Turazza Padova

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10,00 Venice tour (bus tickets available at tabacco shop in front of Biri hotel)

18,00-20,00 Welcome desk and tickets point c/o Touch Café Via Turazza, Padova

20,00 Pizza c/o Pizzeria Albatros 15€ (pizza, one drink, dessert and coffe) via Alvise Cornaro, Padova

23,00 Fetish party and contestants presentation c/o Flexo Club 18€ (entrance, first drink and wardrobe included; ECMC members 2nd drink included) – Via Turazza, Padova

Dress code: Leather, Rubber, Neoprene, Lycra, Military, Skin, Boots, Sport

Anddos card required. You can make it directly at the Flexo club or with the App.

The card is valid also for the Metro Sauna and Hot Dog Cruising bar.

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14,00 Padova tour (free). Meeting point at Gattamelata statue

20,00 Shuttle bus to Valbona Castle from Hotel Biri 12€ (round trip).

21,00 Gala dinner 30€ (dinner, beverages and party included), election of Mr. Leather Italia 2017 and Winner Party at the Valbona Castle, 5 different places to play on the medieval Castle rooms and towers

23,30 Entrance at Valbona Castle for election and Winner party only (NO DINNER) 15€ (1 drink included) – doors close at 00,15

Dress code: Leather, Rubber, Neoprene, Lycra, Military, Skin, Boots, Sport

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13,00 Farewell Lunch in Padova center c/o Kofler Piazza dei Signori restaurant 20€ (food and drinks included)

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Is really close to the Flexo Club (200 m.). The price of the room includes breakfast buffet, wifi connection, car parking and access to the gym.

To get our special rate, please quote “LFI″ in your reservation – which you can give ONLY by email at , or by phone at +39 049 80 67 700 (the special rate does not work on the hotel website).

51,00 € single room

62,00 € double room single use   SOLD OUT

72,00 € double room   SOLD OUT

93,00 € triple room   SOLD OUT

Prices are “per room per night“. Please note that there are additional 3,00 € visitor’s tax per person per night.

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