Supported by SPIKE Hamburg e. V.(formerly) and Leguan Hannover

My election to Mr.Leather Hamburg 2013 took place on the last weekend of April this year. I was one of three contestants and really appreciated to be part of the event.

My ambition to be candidate for the Hamburg election as well as now for the MLE event is that I am part of the leather scene for over twenty years.
I gained a lot from the community and I am proud that I can give something back to the community in Hamburg as well as in Europe, i.e. strengthen the community spirit, help others to solve their individual problems and of course HIV prevention.
Having a look to eastern states especially Russia togetherness in the scene is nowadyas more important then ever.

I´m 42 years old and work as a flight attendant. I love to get to know people and face new situations on a daily basis – national and international. It´s kind of a learning process day-to-day.

I feel and see myself as part of the European culture and society and I am very excited to have the opportunity to take part in the MLE Event this year!

Mr. Leather Hamburg 2013 Henning Schmidt



  • Petro Zavodsk
  • Flexo - Disco club
  • Depot Club - Milano
  • Hot Dog Club - Milano
  • Sauna 011 - Torino
  • Fighter Harness